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We Love to have FUN!

This is how we “Roll”

Ever wonder what goes-on behind the “Scenes”, behind the Masks when we’re not Trooping, or taking a break or even just having fun with others while we “Troop”?


Sometimes, during those long, hot, cold and busy Troops, “we” need to let loose and have a little fun. Sometimes to show other’s that, yes, we’re “Human” too, other times to help us Warm-up and sometimes just to do something silly, but “Tasteful”.

Even whilst at home, preparing our Costumes can also have it’s drawbacks and needing to get back into the groove again we make some Fun with them and with those around us while we work.

The Rewards are well worth the personal cost, and we give it freely and wholeheartedly.

It’s a “Hard Knock Life” sometimes, but one thing is for sure, we LOVE it none the less.

Well, here’s the answer, with photos to prove that we love to have FUN!

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