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Why Do We Do This?


What do we do?

We attend Conventions, bring life to Product launches, visit Hospitals, brighten up Birthdays or make a special day even more memorable, we’ll even come to your Wedding!

We also help encourage new members who need help with their costumes or have questions answered by holding “Armor Parties”, Online Get-Togethers and fun Social Events.

Basically what we strive for within the 501st Legion and Danish Garrison, is to have fun, enjoy each others company and help others enjoy our hobby for the benefit of everyone.

Why do we do it?

While there are a lot of Companies and Private individuals out there making a lot of money by attending events as Star Wars characters, we are not among them. None of our members earn any money from appearing at events. Instead we ask the Event Organizers to either allow us to have a photo-stand where the attending public can pay for a high quality mounted photograph of themselves with the Garrison Troopers or ask for a Donation to be made to our Charity collection. This money is then donated to our chosen Charity “Make a Wish Foundation” (Ønskefonden), or with a special request from the Event Organizer to their preferred Charity.

Being that this is by no means a cheap Hobby, that can easily cost upwards to 500$ USD or more with other types of Costumes, also having to pay to get to and attend each event, and of-course the never ending upgrades to your costume or costumes, we remain steadfast in our pursuit to bringing the Joys of our “special” Hobby to the world and those who enjoy seeing and meeting us and especially to those Children who need that one special helping hand to turn their world just a little brighter. This is why we do it.


So… You ask yourself, Where do I sign up?!

For full instructions on how to become a 501st Legion member, click here.

Or you might be thinking, I want to sign up as a Supporter…

First of all, you need to be 18 years or over. It’s just how it is.

If you already know a member of Danish Garrison then this is very easy. Register on our forum and then post a reply in this thread. Say who you are and who will sponsor your application. That person will then need to reply to confirm their sponsorship. When that is done you will then be given access to the supporters area where you can start to sign up for Events.

If you do not know anyone in Danish Garrison then find an Event near you, come along and say “Hello”. Say that you want to become a Supporter and tell an active Trooper a little bit about yourself. Then get on to the forum and request access. If you’ve made a good impression then someone will back you up.

Register for our forum here.
Go here to say “Hello” and introduce yourself.



How does one request an appearance?

There are several ways to request an appearance:

Via Simply click here and fill in the details of your event. Legion Command will then forward it to the Danish Garrison Command Team who will delegate it to the most appropriate member. This is the most official way but is more time consuming.

Via the Danish Garrison forum: Create an account on our forum and make a post there where you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your event. We will then discuss it with you and see if we can make something happen. This is faster but relies on the correct person reading your post.

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