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LegoLand 2017 Star Wars Weekend

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Event name: Star Ways Days in LEGOland 2017

Date : 9-11 Juni 2017

Place: LEGOland Billund Denmark

EO: LEGOland Billund

EC: 0150 Søren Holse

ECDS: Thomas Holse

(EO – Event Organizer – EC – Event Coordinator)

In total, 173 were written up for the event itself and 193 participated in Dining at the “Lego Castle” Saturday evening.

As always, we started with Friday and a “Friday troop” that went really well.

Many happy and healthy troopers and supporters from most of Scandinavia and the United States. We met up with great expectations and a lot of positive energy with a very good mood and many were happy to meet old and new family members. It really was awesome to see and feel, which will definitely help us to do that again next year.

“Schedules” were made in advance (February 2017) and people had time to self-assess what your weekend would be like to join.

Nice to see that with almost 100% surety we can say that all plans went according to plan in one way or other. Keeping in mind that with almost 200 people attending, not everything had gone to plan, but close enough.

After people had been properly received by the event team in the “Command cabin”, where everyone had to sign the “LEGOland Children’s Declaration”, and to receive a Key to a “Cabin” for those who ordered one. Then off to the event Friday evening, at the formidable Hotel LEGOland.

Saturday morning started with brunch and morning briefing where LEGOland welcomes everyone, a few practical things were explained for the event and that day. After which, we proceeded to move things and costumes into LEGOland where we were fortunate enough to be placed in the middle of the Park Backstage this year, which meant we did not need to walk too far when we went out on parades or patrols.

Both Saturday and Sunday were quite similar, though, there are slightly different things each day, but otherwise it looked like something like this:

  • Breakfast
  • Parade
  • Lunch
  • patrol
  • patrol
  • Coffee / Tea cake
  • Farewell Parade

All in all, a really nice weekend and a huge “Thank you” to all those who attended and helped lift the workload.

Saturday’s US lottery gift donated 6500 dkk to the “Merlin Fund”

.Written by: Søren Holse


Danish Garrison

150 Søren Holse
347 Dan Falk
30055 Chester Petersen
24117 Kenneth Svingholm
41978 Dorthe Petersen
61815 Jesper Petersen
56665 Hans Magnus
69694 Karin P Løbel-Moberg
82083 Mathias Kaastrup
31107 Sune Rothberg
75128 Mark Rosleff
7995 Morten Vang Alrø
51988 Mette Alrø
26404 Kai Kroer Pedersen
12073 Jeff R. Miller
13372 Poul P. Sørensen
29109 Lasse W. Stagaard
10260 Rene Ivan Rasmussen
22039 Ole Skov Andersen
80176 Nicholai Risvang
21271 Torben/Henrik
22502 Claes Rasmussen
22501 Adam Rasmussen
13243 Karina Astrup Rasmussen
62016 Andrew Kruse
13121 Esben Madsen
13133 Casper Hauge
66671 Ulf Tandrup

German Garrison

9751 Fiona Messer
9752 Marcus Kueppers
0548 Robl Michael
Florian Schroder
9515 Heiko Heindorf
17376 Melanie Erbe
53347 Stefan Mager
6957 Christoph Genniges
5855 Daniel Dick
20777 Holger Pohl
2647 Florian Wiedemann
10185 Verena Siegesmund
10182 Sebastian Siegesmund
51337 Sebastian Schlump
24670 Thorsten Koch
6503 Dirk Chwialkowsky
99501 Lars Lange
12512 Nathan Lange
9964 Jan Klösener
10180 Tino Taake
12187 Mathias Wegner
4901 Carsten Bode
9179 Martin Stahlhut
19571 Alfredo Vasquez
Mark Perlewitz
123 Marc B
30510 Benjamin Jansen
28873 Markus Warda
57723 Katrin Schneider
7518 Andreas Laube

Dutch Garrison

11702 Robin Van Kemenade
86110 Daisy van Rijn
7021 Daan De Ruijter
19979 Richard Smits
8715 Puck Barendregt
8230 Tamara Bos
11131 Pawel Oortwijn
80273 Hans van Beek
10425 Peter Brouwer
69241 Martijn de Vrieze
8916 Michael Hoomoedt
12131 Xavier Jeukens
SL4600 Leon de Graaff
18186 Sabine Friedrich
20394 Fabian Schaap
80114 Floris Groen
12862 Henk Hoomoedt
5191 Ruben Terlouw
4162 Etienne Jassoy
82225 Ralf Martin Amama
Pascal van der Toorn Vrijthoff
77177 Simon Marquis
61854 Fred Slegt
92963 Wayne Laaewaard

Nordic Garrison

4918 Janne Sandin
4927 Anneli Sandin
50157 Hans-Petter Larsen
9144 Thomas Nixon
19903 Robin Hedberg
2864 Eric Applehoff
19784 Alexander Arvidsson
25615 Kristoffer krille Lindell
50501 Even Ellingsen
21688 Laila Faugstad
3444 Eirik Langnes
27766 Knut Erik Pedersen
62592 Hege J. Lyseth
74761 Georg Jojje Ekholm
80990 Nadia
20501 Thor Ove
22400 Jan Marius Sæthre

UK Garrison

5701 Phil Riches
15604 Jo Phillips-Williams
24801 Miles Pestell
14957 Adrian Tegg
8619 Kat Ord
1045 David Wells
98266 Jason Fairhurst
2737 Jon Reason
90473 Mark Tidridge
11348 Lee Shorney

Polish Garrison

8665 Przemysław Grzesiak
17614 Alicja Połynkiewicz
98000 Tomasz Jaworski

Swiss Garrison

2655 Marcel Salzmann
0893 Maya Mangold
99933 Cedric Grafas

France Garrison

22612 Steve Hallett

Central Garrison (USA)

090 Joe Hunter

Rebel Legion Nordic Base

Maria K. Hareskov
Marianne Hareskov Tygesen
Dawn Möller
Isabella Engblad Lind
6894 Anton Nilsson
Roman Buch Hansen
Carolina Lundgren
Edward Harrington
11572 Jens Ove
8614 Kira Axelsen
8615 Anna Toftdahl-Olesen
14120 Karen Ravn
Hanne Binder
Camilla Lilja

Rebel Legion Nordic Base

Lee Harvey
Leigh Hawker
Paul Andrews
20001 Andy Gabbitas

Rebel Legion Germany

Daniela Hofmann


Thomas Holse
Helene Holse, squad 7
Jody Hohlfeld, squad 23
Marilyn (Sissi), squad 2
Martin Vest Hansen, squad 1
Maja Kidd, squad 8
Martin Seliger, squad 6
Thomas Christensen, squad 16
Yvonne Jørgensen, squad 9
Paw Jørgensen, squad 5
Tim van der Toorn Vrijthoff, squad 3
Tora Sirdorf, squad 20
Hans Tore Finstad, squad 22
Tim Valgren, squad 10
Kristine Steffen, squad 21
Cecilia Wallin, squad 4
Peter Larsen, squad 25
Gitte Haberland, squad 19
Jenny Haberland, squad 18
Camille Schröter Squad
Morten Hendriksen Squad 1
Dorethe Pedersen, TENTWOMEN 1
Jimmy Alrø, squad 9
Anna Pattanasang, squad 24
Anders Nielsen, squad 14
Emilie-Day Bendeke Miller, squad 11
Gitte Ove, TENTWOMEN 2
Nicki Nørskov Holm, squad 17
Tomas Vahlqvist (Event photograph)

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