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Danish Garrison sammen med Make A Wish Danmark

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I am a very proud EC (Event Coordinator) to be able to tell you all about our day at RO’s Torv in Roskilde.

A day of lovely people where the mood was cheerful. Big smiles with an extra glint in the eye. It was a happy atmosphere. Good hugs from good friends.

A day with the feelings “worn on the sleeve”, as we were in collaboration with “Make A Wish Denmark” and “Ro’s Torv”. Ro`s Torv had a children’s flea market where the sale of used toys went fully to MAWDK, while at the same time Arthur, a boy 13 – 14 years, received a “Wish”. Two football jerseys sponsored by a local Sports Equipment Dealer, a delicious cake from the center’s cake shop on which the cake had written that Arthur was going to Africa on Safari together with his two siblings and their mother. Arthur has had a bone disease over the last 6 years, but today he is a lot better.

During the actual ceremony there were tears, and was a very touching experience, and it made me think of why I’m a member of this club. How much he had to fight for life. It gets one to really think about how little ridiculous things can be.

I would also like to say congratulations to Dennis and Ulrich who had their first troop and congratulations to Tim who had his first Troop in December but failed to receive his diploma. We also wished Thomas Holse’s congratulations, when he received an honorary member award for both Danish Garrison and 501st. Legion, for his 20 years as a supporter and service.

Many thanks to our lovely supporters, Gitte, Martin, Thomas, Janne and Peter for the wonderful smile and your gaze.

Sjællander Troopers, Tim, Mark, Søren, Dennis, Hans-Magnus, Skipper and Ulrich. Also thanks to you, and meeting the new members and welcoming you and it’s always good to see and receive good hugs from the “old” members.

Jyde Troopers, Kai, Jens, Mathias, Lars, Nicky, Jeff and Torben, thank you for crossing the great ocean and backing this event.

Christina and Roman, you are just beautiful. Helping to defend all of us from the dark side.

William and Josefine, you’re just so cool. Awesome that you could be with us.

Thank you for an unforgettable good day.

.Written by: Karina Astrup Rasmussen

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